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    ESports 2022 

    ~Sign Up Form~

    Dates : Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:45pm to 5:45pm sharp!
    March 8th until April 14th plus two Saturday Tournaments vs Green and Newton To Be Announced.


    Competitive ESports Games : Rocket League and Super Smash Bros.

    Students will pick their primary game, either Rocket League or Super Smash Bros.  All students will get to play both games except during scrimmages and tournaments students will play their chosen primary game. 

    We will also have dedicated broadcaster positions available.  Broadcasters will be responsible for interviewing team players, commentary during matches, and recording or streaming scrimmages and tournaments.  Broadcasters will report to practices to practice their broadcasting skills, edit, and publish videos.


    Tryout Details :

    2022 Tryout dates March 8th and March 10th

    Official Squad rosters will be posted at the end of the tryouts.  

    ESports is an in-person club that meets in the Long Pond School's 21st Century Room.


    Tri-District Tournaments :

    Andover Chargers ESports Team will compete against middle school students from Green Hills and Newton.  
    These tournaments will be two separate Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.  Location TBD.
    More details and logistics of this tournament will be posted soon.


    *All dates are subject to change*

    Participant's parent or guardian must agree to their creation of an Epic Games account.  Permission slips will be necessary to participate.



    As with any extracurricular activity your grades must be in good academic standing.
    As a member of the team your presence is requested at every practice, scrimmage, and tournament.  If for some reason you are unable to attend a scheduled meeting you must email Mr. Joe prior to that meeting at jdeluca@andoverregional.org



    You are not required to bring your own equipment into the school.  We will have equipment for you to work/play on.  You may bring in your own equipment if you have a portable gaming device such as a Nintendo Switch or a Laptop if preferred.  We recommend bringing in a gamepad with usb cable such as an XBox or Playstation controller if you prefer using the gamepad instead of a keyboard and mouse.  You are responsible for keeping your equipment safe.


    Please check back here regularly for updates.

    If you have any questions please email : jdeluca@andoverregional.org



Team Roster

  • LPS ESports Advisor and Coach:
    Mr. Joe DeLuca


    Team Captains : TBA


    Broadcasters : TBA
    Open (Broadcaster and interviewer)
    Open (Broadcaster and interviewer)

    Team Players : 
    Rocket League Team

    TBA (9 players)

    Super Smash Bros Team

    TBA (12 players)