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    Permission forms are due by the end of Monday 4/12/21.  Please login to the Genesis Parent Portal to accept the permission form for your child to become an Andover Charger ESports Athlete.

    ESports Welcome Video


    Season details :

    The Season will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays 4pm - 6pm.  The season will be a total of 7 weeks beginning on 4/20/21 and ending on 6/3/21.

    Space is limited.  We will have two squads of 9 students each.  Red squad and White squad.

    Red Squad will meet on Tuesdays 4pm to 6pm.

    White Squad will meet on Thursdays 4pm to 6pm.


    Tryout Details :

    Tryouts will be held for students on Red Squad Tuesday 4/20/21 and final tryouts on Tuesday 4/27/21.

    Tryouts will be held for students on White Squad Thursday 4/22/21 and final tryouts on Thursday 4/29/21.

    Official Squad rosters will be posted at the end of the tryouts.  You may be asked to change squad colors at that time based on the results of the tryouts.

    While you may participate in this club remotely you must be in-person for tryouts.


    Position details :

    There are many positions that make up an ESports team.  We are not just players but also coaches, broadcasters, marketing, and tech support.  Below are some details for each position.

    Players : Players will compete in the game of Rocket League for practices, scrimages, and tournaments.

    Coaches : Team players who exhibit exceptional skill in the game of Rocket League will help teach their fellow teammates how to be a better Rocket League player.

    Broadcasters : Broadcasters will man the News Desk and are responsible for spectating team scrimmages and either recording them for Youtube content or streaming live for spectators.  Broadcasters will also have microphones to commentate on the matches they are recording or broadcasting.  Broadcasters will work directly with the Tech Support and Marketing roles to edit and refine our video content.

    Marketing and content : In the marketing role you will help us get the word out to your fellow students, families, and the community about when recorded events or live streams will be available for spectators.

    Tech Support : In the tech support role you will be helping the players, broadcasters, and marketers with any support they need including helping with their equipment or other technical issues that may arrise.  You may also assist in the recording, live streaming, video editing, and uploading of content for spectators.

    As this is our first year as a team these roles may evolve as we progress through the season.  Everyone will get a chance to be a player!  All team members will be able to experience all of these roles throughout the season.


    Tri-District Tournament :

    The Long Pond School Chargers ESports Team will compete against middle school students from Green Hills and Newton.  More details and logistics of this tournament will be posted soon.


    *All dates are subject to change*

    Participant's parent or guardian must agree to their creation of an Epic Games account.  Permission slips will be necessary to participate.


    Requirements : 

    As with any extracurricular activity your grades must be in good academic standing.

    If you are playing virtually you must have your own equipment and a solid internet connection.


    Equipment : 

    You are not required to bring your own equipment into the school.  We will have equipment for you to work/play on.  You may bring in your own equipment if you have a portable gaming device such as a Nintendo Switch or a Laptop if preferred.  We recommend bringing in a gamepad with usb cable such as an XBox or Playstation controller if you prefer using the gamepad instead of a keyboard and mouse.  You are responsible for keeping your equipment safe.


    Please check back here regularly for updates.

    If you have any questions please email : esports@andoverregional.org



Team Roster

  • LPS ESports Advisor:
    Mr. Joe DeLuca


    Team Captain


    Team Coaches


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    Marketing and Content


    Tech Support