What Does the Andover Board of Education do?

  • The most important thing a school board does is to establish a vision for the community’s schools that reflects a consensus of the board, community and district staff. Your school board is your community’s education watchdog, ensuring that taxpayers get the most for their tax dollars. The school board sets the policies, goals, and objectives for the district – and it holds the superintendent responsible for implementing the policies and achieving the goals. The school board responsibilities include, but are not limited to, negotiating contracts, adopting a balanced annual budget, issuing interim financial reports, adopting the school calendar, approving curriculum materials and closing or constructing schools.


    2018-2019 State Assessment Board Presentation on 10/16

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District Goals

  • District Goals


    DISTRICT GOALS 2019-2020


    1.  Academic Achievement - To develop curriculum and instructional programming that engages and motivates students based on their interests and learning styles, utilizes exemplary teaching practices; along with meeting the identified New Jersey Student Learning Standards.


    2.  Communication / Engagement - To expand and educate the Andover community regarding the various aspects of the Andover Regional School District; along with providing various avenues for dialogue.


    3.  Health & Wellness / School Security & Safety - Integrate the importance of embracing a safe and secure learning environment that emphasizes the growth of student’s social, emotional and physical well-being; along with ensuring appropriate emergency response procedures are reviewed, practiced and in place.


    4.  Finance - Develop a fiscally responsible 2020-2021 school budget that will meet the goals and objectives of the school district; along with keeping in mind the Andover community taxpayer.



                                                                                            BOARD GOALS 2019-2020


    1. District Leadership: Employ and retain quality school district administrators who provide effective leadership and consistency throughout the district who support the learning community of the Andover Regional Schools.


    2. Finance: The Andover Regional Board of Education will support the development of a fiscally responsible 2020-2021 budget that focuses on the continued academic growth and ensures that programming for students is effective and of a high quality, while optimizing the resources and funds collected from the local tax payer.


    3. Policy and Planning:  Continue to oversee and develop customized district policy and regulation manuals that are consistent with State and Federal laws, are in compliance with State and Federal monitoring standards, and meet the specific needs of the Andover Regional School District.