Welcome to the Guidance Department

  • Welcome to a new school year! Ms. McKeown and Mr. Maurice will be constantly updating this website. Any important information will be add to this website as well as being sent out.

Our Mission & Philosophy

  • Our district’s counseling program mission is to promote student growth by focusing on the "whole" child and by supporting academic, social/emotional, personal and career development. Our programs include Individual and small group counseling, classroom instruction, coordination of services with teachers, parents, staff and community, case management services. All programs are designed to foster student achievement and maximize student potential. An emphasis is placed on the importance of learning universal skills that enable our students to lead successful and rewarding lives. We emphasize the development of character, as well as academics.

    It is our privilege to serve as your student’s school counselors. We are excited to get to know you and your students. We will provide group and individual counseling, teach guidance lessons, serve as anti-bullying specialists and conduct risk assessments.

    It is our goal to unify FMB and LPS as much as possible, we will do this through sharing a monthly character strength and participating in the same spirit events at each school. We hope this will aide in unifying the district as a whole.

    As counselors we seek to empower each student to reach their highest potential. You know your child best. We will need your help to fill us in on issues or concerns we should be aware of.

    The philosophy of Andover Regional School District is to provide an exemplary education for every student in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment. We seek to support the academic, social and emotional development of each student. We want our schools to be a place where children want to be. We also emphasize student learning in respect to understanding the importance of making good decisions and taking responsibility for one’s behavior. If a mistake is made, we want students to learn from that mistake. The positive attitudes and influences of others can help a child succeed and Andover Regional strives for all of its children to be successful. We take a personal interest in every child.

Reasons to Contact Us

    • Academic, Study and School Organization Skills
    • School adjustments issues
    • Coping, Problem Solving and Decision making concerns
    • Peer Relationships and Conflict Resolutions
    • Divorce and Family Changes
    • Substance Abuse Awareness
    • 8th Grade to High School Transition assistance
    • We are here to help your student with any other needs to give them the support they may need to be successful at Andover!

Contact Us

  • Mr. Brendan Maurice

    Anti-Bullying Specialist
    FMB School Counselor
    Phone #: 973-315-5255 ext. 231



    "Welcome FMB Parents and Guardians to the 2021-2022 school year!"  I am excited to serve as this school year's School Counselor at FMB.  I am excited to be working with your children at the elementary level.  I bring prior years of experience to the school district by serving as an elementary school counselor and know the importance of early childhood education. Let's make this a fantastic school year with showing our Charger Pride! Please review my Google Classroom for virtual student information and additonal resources as well for our students. This website will be continued to be update throughout the school year as well for additional information about upcoming events and activities at FMB.
    Counseling Referral Information

    Ms. Jennifer McKeown

    Anti-Bullying Specialist
    LPS School Counselor
    Phone #: 973-315-5256 ext. 304

    Hello Charger Families! Middle School is an exciting and challenging time as students embark on the passage from childhood to adolescence. My goal is to assist your child's healthy academic, personal and social development. I am here to assist in any way.  Let's make this a fantastic year full of Charger PRIDE!

    Please do not hesitate to contact me with your child's needs.


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