Message from the Principal


A Message from the Principal 


Hello Chargers. I hope this message finds everyone healthy and safe at this time.  Starting the week of 5/4, we will no longer be following an A Day/ B Day schedule.  We updated our virtual learning plan to make it easier for students and parents to follow from home.  Moving forward, LPS will operate using the following schedule to bring a sense of structure to our virtual school week. Each day, work will be posted for the subjects listed under that day.

Monday   Tuesday    Wednesday    Thursday    Friday
ELA          ELA            ELA                  ELA            ELA
Math         Math          Math                 Math          Math
PE            Encore       PE                    Encore       PE
Science    SS             Science             SS             Catch up on
                                                                              missing work



 Updates and Reminders

Teacher Recorded Direct Instruction-  We know the value of direct, teacher led instruction. Each week teachers will post a minimum number of lessons directly taught by them. You can expect a minimum of two in ELA, two in Math, one in Science, one in Social Studies, one in PE, and one in Specials/Encore.

* Live Teacher Sessions-  Each week teachers will engage in
more live sessions with students. Teachers are given autonomy to run these sessions as they choose. These sessions will look different for different teachers and content areas in order to best meet the needs of students. Following are examples of ways teachers will use this live time:

- running reading groups, small group check in, open ended “pop” in sessions for help with math problems, writing workshops, large group show and tell, etc. Sessions will be clearly posted in each teacher's Google Classroom. While a system has been created to minimize any conflicts, we are a K-8 district with shared staff. Occasionally conflicts may arise. Simply notify the teacher and accommodations. will be made. We also understand that for reasons pertinent to your home situation, your child may
miss a scheduled meeting time. Students will not be penalized.


1. Accessing Google Classroom: Google Classroom was designed as a warehouse for student  information. Due to program design, the only way for a parent to see the student view is if the parent is logged into the student email account. Once in email settings, on the top right hand side of the screen will be a set of 9 small squares . Click there. Click classroom. All Google Classrooms for your child will appear. To find assigned work, click the classwork tab within each Google Classroom. Every assignment will be labeled by date. A schedule of live meeting times will also be posted. Students should also get into the daily routine of checking emails as there is a tie with Google Classroom and they may receive information if a change
occurs to a meeting, etc.
2. Google Classroom Postings: We have streamlined the way classwork is posted in Google Classroom to make it easier for parents to follow from class to class. All teachers will utilize
the Classwork tab to post assigned work. Each post will start with the date as the heading and all work will be posted within the same heading. All efforts will be made to post by 7pm for the
following day in order to give parents ample time to organize their child(ren).
3. Weekly Meeting Times: Weekly meeting times have been difficult for some parents to track. Teachers will have weekly scheduled meetings clearly posted at the top of the classwork tab in Google Classroom.
4. Special Education Classes: In the best interest of our students, some special education classes will continue to run as is. Teachers will remain in close contact.

* Welcome Ms. Katelyn Harodetsky.  Ms. Harodetsky officially joins the LPS faculty and staff on April 28th.  She was hired to replace Ms. Kirschner who recently resigned from her position as the LPS General Music teacher and Choir teacher.  A special thank you to Mrs. Granholm for temporarily covering this role during the transition.  Teamwork at its best!

* CLICK HERE for an LPS Spring Break Video, compliments of LPS Faculty and Staff.

* CLICK HERE for important information regarding all remaining 2019-2020 class trips.  

* Spring Break Begins at 12:40 p.m. on April 9th and will run through April 17th.  This break will most definitely be different than any other break we have had in the past, but I wish everyone a happy and safe time.

* Teachers are using their websites and google classrooms to post assignments and activities each day.  They will post everything by 9:00 a.m. each day and work is due by the end of that calendar day unless otherwise noted by the teacher. 

* Please see Mrs. McKeown's google classroom to view today's morning announcements (including the Pledge of Allegiance).

CLICK HERE to view this week's video from members of the LPS faculty and staff.  We are hopeful that these videos bring some positive vibes your way.

* CLICK HERE to view Andover Regional School Districts Census 2020 video.  

* CLICK HERE to view the first video sent home on March 23rd, Here Comes the Sun.

Long Pond School's teachers are reporting that they are extremely pleased with the way the students have responded to this new and unexpected way of learning.  A majority of our students have been actively involved in the on-line learning experience. However, teachers will be contacting the parents of students who have not logged on or submitted work this week. 

As a reminder, students will follow their daily schedules to complete assignments at home each day.  Assignments should be limited to thirty (30) minutes per subject and teachers will be available between 8:40 a.m. and 3:40 p.m. with a break from 11:15 a.m.-1:00 p.m.  

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Bryan J. Fleming