Amazon Email Scams

Amazon has become a go to for many online shoppers.  With the holiday season around the corner Amazon email scams will be in full effect.  Attached is an example of an Amazon scam email.  Never click the links in suspicious emails such as this.  Even though the email instructs you to click the link "from opening this email".

You can tell these emails are a scam by looking at the email address it came from.  In this email at a glance it appears to come from "" but if you look a little closer it actually comes from "earesrvcseah-12217@demonsinkrak..."

Also note your email address that received the scam email.  In this instance this email was sent to another email that was not attached to my account.  Two immediate red flags.

As always, delete this email immediatly or if you are ever unsure ask your I.T. department.

Amazon Scam Email Image